frenzzee : what

Most of us in the United States live our lives surrounded by art. Organic or man-made, accidental or purposeful. Maybe we don’t always like it or even see it but there it is. We’re the lucky ones.

A friend of mine once said, in a radio interview, that music was the sign of a civilized society. I think she meant the arts in general. In fact, I know she meant the arts in general. Art is a luxury afforded us by the prosperity in which we live.

This is my theory: since we no longer have to worry about hunting and gathering and running from foes and hungry animals, we have more mind space to devote to the thought, enjoyment and creation of art. Of course, this doesn’t explain those hardy few who, even while being chased by woolly mammoths, found time to draw on cave walls. That’s a post for another time.

So, art abounds. We judge it, use it, wear it, enjoy it, hate it, visit it and do it.



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