Marble Mania

We see and touch every piece we offer on frenzzee, constantly on the lookout for new, fresh, and unique — all served up with a hearty dose of passion. Our inaugural artist, her story and her work, delivers on all counts.  At an East Coast craft show one wintry Saturday last year, we rounded a corner and were stopped in our tracks by a phalanx of rich colors and simple shapes.  Perfectly round circles for bangles, spare yet elegant pendants for earrings and necklaces.

The color is courtesy of the vibrant glass marbles from the only remaining marble factory here in the US, located in wild, wonderful West Virginia.  Combined with smooth sterling silver and classic shapes this is the jewelry of both Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Gaga.  Exuberant styles for mothers and daughters, young and old, Hollywood starlets and soccer moms.  Elegant. Fun. And a little bit sassy.  

Just in case that’s not enough each piece comes with interchangeable marbles. Pop one out and put another in. Ta-dah! Every bangle or necklace provides over 10 different looks made possible with the little box of marbles included with each item.

Every new design springs to life in the mind of the artist who then must guide it through a prototype phase. This phase often results in a model made of something like wire or silver sheet.  A rubber mold is made of the piece, slowly and carefully by hand, and then is baked. After a zillion and a half additional steps, a thing of beauty results. 

The designs incorporate sterling silver, the aforementioned glass marbles, leather, often bronze (for strength) but never nickel. Ever.

Gorgeous, fun, handmade in the US, and wisely priced.

The definition of frenzzee.


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