cashmere redux

Dismayed at the thought of even a single cashmere cardigan or pullover going to the landfill, our featured artisan set out to stop the madness. She reclaims these forgotten garments and repurposes them into scarves. Much like the French Foreign Legion, she gives them a new life, a new identity and sends them on their way.

With an artist’s eye for arranging color and pattern the now-washed vintage cashmere is formed into blocks and sewn in double layers. You may find a bit of cabling here, a cuff there, some original seams: all add to the charm of these one-of-a kind accessories. Throw one around your neck, or someone else’s, and you’ll begin to feel a little like a cross between a fashionista (boho-style) and an eco-evangelist.

We’re reducing, reusing and recycling. Are you?


One thought on “cashmere redux

  1. OMG… I just got back from the thrift store where I bought 5 cashmere sweaters for $4.90 each, including one from Neiman-Marcus. I want to start doing fun things with them by upcycling them.

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