paper and glue


years ago a friend introduced us to the altered book

we love tearing, cutting and pasting things into old (free) books

we do it in a random fashion with no theme whatsoever

it is very satisfying and relaxing in the same way coloring used to be


sewn up

giftwrap3 2012

when we first discovered that sewing paper was possible we were thrilled. it had never occurred to us that not only was it feasible but it was often desirable.

despite the fact that we sew poorly our hopes were high.

this year’s attempt at paper sewing resulted in this tiny pouch ringed with chartreuse stitches.

we are so proud.


our christmas wrap

giftwrap 2012

we love to wander the blogosphere gazing at the cleverness with which so many wrap their gifts.

here is our simple effort

made gorgeous with the use of sumptuous paper.

(with vintage seam binding threaded through an old button and labeled with a hand stamped tag.)


our christmas tree

christmas tree 2012

we’ve heard tell of those who favor little white fairy lights in their christmas trees

and we actually know some people who do themed trees and color coordinated trees.

with lovely huge bows dripping over the boughs.


we like to throw every single christmas ornament we own on the tree along with 500 or 600 lights.

and to top it all off we throw on a box or two of tinsel.

merry christmas